My Top 5 Free Online Casino Games

Poker, Blackjack and Roulette: Casino games have their own charm. I have put together the best representatives of games of chance for you. The free online casino virtual games available also have the advantage over real casino games that you don’t put real money at risk.

Hollywood Dreams

Hollywood Dreams is a classic slot machine, also called “one-armed bandits”. The principle of the game is simple: You activate the slot machine and then the five reels are set in motion with the coloured symbols. Depending on which combination of Hollywood motifs is displayed at the end, the amount of your virtual prize will also be lost. So let yourself be infected by Hollywood fever and try your luck with virtual bets.

Black Jack

A game for ice-cold gamblers: Black Jack is all about getting the magical 21 points. The dealer gives you cards that have certain card values. However, if the value of the added cards exceeds 21, you have lost the game. Therefore, you should pay close attention to how many cards you are dealt. Before the game round starts, all you have to do is decide how many virtual chips you want to bet. But if you lose all chips, don’t worry: You will automatically receive new chips for the next round. A luxury you won’t be offered in real casinos.


One of the most exciting games in the casino is roulette: The game is about guessing the number of the wheel where the silver ball will go and then bet money on that number. If you bet the right number, you win – if not, your bet is lost. In the virtual roulette game you are spoilt for choice, just like in the real game: bet on a certain number, a color or alternatively on a row of numbers. Depending on how high the probability of the chosen result is, the profit will also be lost. For example, if you bet on black, your winnings will be lower than if you bet on the black 22 and this happens. If you also want to try your luck: With BILDspielt you can start right at the roulette table.

Governor of Poker 2

At Governor of Poker 2, it’s your job to work your way up in a Western setting from beginner to poker superstar. There are five different card game formats: Cash games, Sit/Go poker in tournaments, Sliding or Folding, Big Wins or Royal Poker. The goal is, of course, to always have the best hand – or alternatively to be able to bluff well. In addition to pure virtual money, you can also win numerous badges and trophies to perpetuate your success. You can try out the game as an app for iOS or Android, download it from Steam or directly in your browser – here you can register for free and start your career as a poker star.

Ramses Book

Ramses Book is a slot machine with a flair reminiscent of Ancient Egypt. The symbols are also based on it and represent symbols that you would otherwise only know from the pyramids in the Valley of the Kings. You can gamble on the game without guilty conscience, because it’s all about pure virtual winnings. If activating the rollers becomes too strenuous for you in the long run, you can also simply click on “Auto”: Then the reels will rotate until you turn it off again – or, in the worst case, you will no longer have virtual credit.

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