1.5 Billion Kills Were Registered in the BF3 Beta

Do you think DICE’s Battlefield 3 beta was a success? If their recently revealed numbers are to be believed, then why yes it was!

In a post in the Official Battlefield Blog, a handy-dandy graph shows off some of the beta’s most impressive stats – chief among them is the fact that over eight million players filled the Battlefield 3 beta servers in its ten day span.

Enough of that, we know you want to know more stats and here are a few:

  • 19 million dog tags were collected and as the graph says, “That’s just more than enough for every single person in Shanghai, the world’s most populated city.”
  • 47 BILLION shots were fired
  • 1.5 Billion kills were registered – equal to 1/2 the liters of beer consumed across the world in 2011.
  • 8,125,310 – the exact number of people who played in the beta.

To read more stats, go to the Battlefield Blog.

Were you one of the millions who participated? Not a bad showing, no? Add in the fact that a lot of people had trouble accessing the beta client and that it only ran for ten days should further bolster EA and DICE’s confidence in the game.

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