Console gamers everywhere are looking forward to Batman: Arkham City’s imminent release this week, but it looks like PC gamers will have a little bit longer to wait.

Warner Bros. announced in a press release today that the PC version of the game will be launching in exactly a month’s time on November 18th. Hopefully, the wait will be worth it as the game will have significantly improved visuals, with crisper textures and higher resolutions and whatnot.

So it looks like you’ll be able to brag about the PCs superiority over consoles once again. You just have to wait one long, agonising month to play one of the best games of the year on your totally awesome rig!

Time for another installment of Minecraft Creations, where we show off the latest and greatest from the Minecraft community, and make ourselves feel inferior and inadequate as Minecraft players in the process. Today we have this awe inspiring recreation of Hogwarts Castle brought to us by user yhnu5967 on the Minecraft forums (the original thread is here). I’m not a massive fan of Harry Potter; I’ve read the books and seen most of the films but I’m hardly a fan boy. That said this recreation of Hogwarts Castle is simply amazing due to its size and its attention to detail, with both the interior and exterior looking top notch (see what I did there?). Check out the video tour here: