You may have read on a few sites that the Support EA twitter (who are they?) “announced” that the Battlefield 3 beta should be coming in October. While we are all excited to hear about the game in any way, many seem to have lost sight of some inconsistencies in the arrival of this news.

As he has rightly pointed out and in our excitement we all forgot, if there was going to be an announcement about a beta they wouldn’t release it through a twitter account that isn’t even the first result in a search for an EA support twitter on Google!

Other than that, it is also very rare that official news like this that would no doubt be accompanied by some form of press release, is release over the weekend. Outside of office hours. To little fanfare.

I am really interested in this game and really excited to play it. Odds are I will be in some form or other around October time if the release schedule, conflict with the yearly Call of Duty release and general Christmas games flood are adhered to. But this is not the announcement we are looking for…

It’s the weekend, so you know what that means? Cool Youtube videos! A Youtube user by the name of “Chubzdoomer” is working with a couple friends to make a Super Mario Bros NES map in Left 4 Dead. More specifically they are trying to make World 1-1. It’s a pretty cool to watch and Chubzdoomer says that they are constantly updating the level, so it will only get better.