Month: October 2011

Batman: Arkham City PC Release Date

Console gamers everywhere are looking forward to Batman: Arkham City’s imminent release this week, but it looks like PC gamers will have a little bit longer to wait.

Warner Bros. announced in a press release today that the PC version of the game will be launching in exactly a month’s time on November 18th. Hopefully, the wait will be worth it as the game will have significantly improved visuals, with crisper textures and higher resolutions and whatnot.

So it looks like you’ll be able to brag about the PCs superiority over consoles once again. You just have to wait one long, agonising month to play one of the best games of the year on your totally awesome rig!

1.5 Billion Kills Were Registered in the BF3 Beta

Do you think DICE’s Battlefield 3 beta was a success? If their recently revealed numbers are to be believed, then why yes it was!

In a post in the Official Battlefield Blog, a handy-dandy graph shows off some of the beta’s most impressive stats – chief among them is the fact that over eight million players filled the Battlefield 3 beta servers in its ten day span.

Enough of that, we know you want to know more stats and here are a few:

  • 19 million dog tags were collected and as the graph says, “That’s just more than enough for every single person in Shanghai, the world’s most populated city.”
  • 47 BILLION shots were fired
  • 1.5 Billion kills were registered – equal to 1/2 the liters of beer consumed across the world in 2011.
  • 8,125,310 – the exact number of people who played in the beta.

To read more stats, go to the Battlefield Blog.

Were you one of the millions who participated? Not a bad showing, no? Add in the fact that a lot of people had trouble accessing the beta client and that it only ran for ten days should further bolster EA and DICE’s confidence in the game.

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